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Vinyl Problems - It won't attach to the transfer tape!

Vinyl stickers can be a little tricky at times. The instructions provided will help with most cases, however, bear in mind that you’re working with more than one sticky surface, so problems can occasionally occur. One of the the more frequent problems is having trouble removing the sticker from the backing paper to the transfer tape.

If you’re having this issue with your vinyl sticker, keep reading as there is an easy solution.

The sticker above is not looking too healthy. You can see the bubbles in the application tape, so it’s time to throw it away and send an angry email to your sticker seller. Nope. Bubbling can occur for a few reasons:

  • Application tape doesn’t like heat, so if exposed, will come away from the vinyl below.
  • Application tape doesn’t like water either, so the same thing will happen in this case too.
  • For any stickers above 30cms, we wrap the sticker around some cardboard to try and add some protection against bending – the application tape will probably come away slightly from the sticker in the area where we’ve wrapped it around the card.
  • Another reason may be that the application tape may be a little old and the adhesive may not be as strong as it once was.

Fear not, these are all fixable problems, so don’t throw your sticker away before trying these steps.

You can see that the sticker doesn’t adhere to the application tape. Often, replacing the tape and using something flat like a credit card over the surface will fix the issue. If it doesn’t, try the following.

Bend back the white transfer paper at a sharp angle. This will probably force the sticker away from the paper. If it still doesn’t want to come away, you can use your finger nail to coax it up – just try not get your finger onto the sticky part of the sticker as you don’t want oil or dirt from your hands to affect it’s adhering qualities. Now just push the application tape over the area you’ve just separated. Even just a little bit of separation from the transfer paper is often enough for the application tape to be effective.

The transfer tape has worked and the sticker is now sticking.

We’re not done yet, though. The rest of this letter is still not coming away from the transfer paper. It’s best not to pull the vinyl away as it can stretch, which WILL ruin your sticker.

Just repeat the process from earlier. Bend the white transfer paper back at a sharp angle or coax it up with a nail, push the transfer tape over the separated area and pull gently away.

Easy. Just don’t get frustrated with the process. Take your time and maybe even get someone to help you with a long sticker or one that has a lot of letters or separate pieces.

That’s it! Hope this helped.

This article was written in collaboration with Link to The Installers , an Aussie company that specializes in installing alarms, antennas and home theater systems.