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Custom Sticker Generator

This problem has been fixed!

Please note that we’re experiencing a problem with our Custom Sticker Generator and are not receiving notifications when stickers are requested.

While we get this sorted we’ll have to revert to a more manual process. Please fill in all the fields as you’d like, then take a screenshot of the page and email it to us at sales@stickerstop.com.au

How to take a screenshot: On PC. you can press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (right side, on the top row of buttons), then open up am image program (like Paint on PC) and save the image as a .jpg or .png file. Alternately, you can open up a document program (like Microsoft Word) and paste (Ctrl-v) the image into there and save the document.

Apologies for the troubles. Hopefully we can get this issue resolved quickly and get back to normal!