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What's New at Sticker Stop

Short-Run Stickers

Sticker Stop can now help you with short runs of stickers. If you have a design that you’ve created and need to have printed into a vinyl sticker, get in contact with us. A lot of the larger businesses will require you to purchase hundreds or even thousands, but with us you can print just one if that’s all you want.

Stickers are great for advertising your business or brand. If you send out letters, parcels or boxes then a good way to advertise is to add your logo to your packaging. Again, getting packaging printed with your brand is expensive and not everyone has the space to store hundreds of boxes that may never be used, so a bright, clear sticker makes for an inexpensive way to let people know where their parcel has come from. And don’t forget that other people will see it too. It might just be someone handling the parcel or someone walking by as it’s being delivered, but it may just get you a few more sales than if you’ve sent off a plain package to your customer.

Some people find it hard to visualise branding and product prior to mass-production. In this case, mockups are a great way to hold a product, complete with the branding that will be used. Using a physical mockup, it’s easier to find any problems before it’s too late. At this stage, there’s no need to order hundreds of stickers when only a few will be enough to place on the example product. Feel free to send us through your design and we may be able to help you with your mockups.

What makes a good sticker? Well, what’s the most important thing that you’d like someone to see at a glance? Your business name. It may not even be necessary to include websites, phone numbers and addresses. If someone sees your business name or logo, they will most likely search for that name on Google or another search engine. So, make it clear and easily readable, possibly from a few metres away.

With our short-run stickers, we can help you with this. Feel free to send us an enquiry for a quote. Ideally, please provide the size of your sticker and how many you’d like. As mentioned, there’s no minimum quantity – we just have a minimum cost of $30 for a single design.

It’s not going to cost you anything to enquire, but it will cost you if you don’t do anything.