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'My Family' Stickers - Love Them or Hate Them (or Really Hate Them)??

‘My Family’ stickers are everywhere aren’t they? It just seems like every second car you see on the rode has them. I’m not really sure why they are even popular. In this day and age where it has become increasingly harder to guard our privacy, people feel the need to advertise publicly who and what their family is made up of.

Kids might get a kick our of seeing a representation of themselves on their car in stick-figure form, while some adults no doubt want to advertise the fact that they can procreate as well as anyone else. Well, we soon got bored with the run of the mill ‘My Family’ stickers and that spawned the next generation.

So now there are cars with vanilla ‘My Family’ stickers and a whole bunch of new ones with ‘taking the piss out of ’My Family’’ stickers. It was bound to happen wasn’t it? Now I wonder what type of person wants these on their car. Are they the ones who want to show they do have a family but don’t want to follow the trend of putting a representation of themselves on the car that actually looks the polar opposite of what they actually look like? I’m not sure if I really want my kid pointing at a sticker that they believe to be them and defines them as ‘Smart’ within our ‘Arse’ family.

But we still weren’t happy with these stickers. We’ve moved onto ‘My Family’ stickers where dad is Darth Vader and the kids are ewoks or something. ’That’s me mummy. I’m R2-D2.’ They probably haven’t even seen Star Wars… I get that you might put ‘My Family’ stickers on your car for the kids but it looks to me like we’ve gone away from that and now we’re making more of a statement – I have seen Star Wars and I do actually own a lightsaber. And by the way, I can procreate.

And then there’s the ‘My Zombie Family’ stickers where you’re all a member of the walking dead. The less said about these the better.

Like Star Wars, there was always bound to be a dark side to the ‘My Family’ stickers. It was inevitable that while many people obviously love them, there are the ones that hate them.

‘My Gun Family’ stickers take a drive-by pot-shot at ‘My Family’ stickers (‘I forget daddy..am I the pump-action shotgun or the beretta?) but in some cases we’ve probably gone too far. While it’s probably obvious that I’m not a fan of ‘My Family’ stickers, surely we don’t hate them enough to put this sticker on our cars?

Whichever way you think, get used to them as it looks like they’re here to stay. Luckily most of them are stickers which have a life-span of a couple of years and will start to peel and fade before long. Unlike my decals which will look great for up to 8 years….god, I hope there’s not too many people selling vinyl decal ‘My Family’ stickers.