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New: For Sale, Store Hours, KTM Racing, Bombers Stickers

We’ve added a few new stickers in the past week.

If you are serious about selling your car, you’ll need to advertise. Throw away that piece of paper that people can’t read unless they are a metre away and get yourself a professional-looking sticker. Choose among three sizes and 11 colours – you’ll find it in the ‘Business’ category.

If you’ve adjusted your store hours recently, you’ll need to let your customers know. You could always just use a marker to change the times on your current signage but even when done well it looks amateurish. Look in the ‘Business’ category to find this in two different sizes.

We’ve also added a KTM Racing sticker (in ‘Motocross/Motorbikes’) and a Bomber sticker in the ‘Sport’ category.

Keep in mind that if you’re after something in particular that we don’t currently have, send us a message as we will try to help you.