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What's New at Sticker Stop

New: AFL Windshield, Kicker, CAT

Time for some new additions to Sticker Stop!

Recently, we’ve added a host of AFL team stickers for your windshield. Each is 900mm wide and sport the club name with the logo to either side. You can find them in the Sport category. If you can’t find your team, send us a message and we’ll try to accommodate you. It doesn’t even need to be one of the professional clubs – you might be able to get it for your local sports team.

Also added to our Audio section is the Kicker logo, available in 3 different sizes.

The Caterpillar (CAT) logo has been added to the Car category. This logo is a little different to most we have on Sticker Stop. You can get it in two different colours – one for the CAT text and another for the triangle, which is usually yellow. CAT is available in 2 different sizes.

As usual, if there’s something you’d like but can’t find or if you find what you want but need a different size, send us a message!