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Rusty Vinyl Sticker Decal

Rusty Symbol Sticker

from $5.00

Type: Vinyl

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Please select your sticker colour and size using the drop-down menus.

  • If choosing the 2(Two) option in the size drop-down, both stickers will be the same colour
  • Sizes are shown as WIDTH x HEIGHT (Cm to Inches Converter)
  • We use only quality Metamark vinyl (up to 8 year life)
  • Stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth surface such as cars, trucks, windows, laptops, fridges and many more.
  • All stickers are machine precision-cut and transfer tape is pre-applied for quick and easy application.
  • There is no background to this sticker/decal.
  • Basic application instructions are included with each order

NOTE: This is an irregularly-shaped sticker and as a result, the sticker may not be supplied on the same angle as shown in the picture and therefore may be smaller than expected. The approximate dimensions given are an indication of how much space (Width x Height) the sticker will take up when applied and on a similar angle to that shown in the picture.

Note: To save you postage, the sticker may be folded to fit inside the envelope. Once applied, any creases will disapper, however, if you are concerned, tube postage (where the sticker/s will not be folded) is available when you check out.

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