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Fire Safety Stickers

Industrial safety signs are a necessity to maintain heightened employee safety awareness in the workplace. Fire Safety Signs will indicate the location or direction to Fire Safety related Facilities and Equipment.

All stickers are machine-cut and are made with quality Metamark brand vinyl. We’ve never used and never will use any cheap Chinese vinyl. We also protect them with a gloss laminate which will further protect them and increase their life.

If you would like any of our stickers in a size that is not listed, just send us an email at sales@stickerstop.com.au We may also be able to make a stencil from stickers listed, so if you’d like one made, also feel free to ask us of the possibilities.

If you’re after a run of stickers, we don’t have a minimum order. If you’re after just one or one thousand, get in contact with us for a quote.