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Ski / Snowboard Stickers

Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, let’s hope the coming snow season dishes up some good conditions for you. No doubt you’ve got the gear already, but to get you in the mood and remind you that snow season is just around the corner, we’ve got some stickers to suit. Plenty of sizes and colour available.

All stickers are machine-cut and are made with quality Metamark brand vinyl. We’ve never used and never will use any cheap Chinese vinyl. As a result, you’ll have a decal that lasts at least 8 years, and maybe more in favourable conditions.

If you would like any of our stickers in a size that is not listed, just send us an email at sales@stickerstop.com.au We may also be able to make a stencil from stickers listed, so if you’d like one made, also feel free to ask us of the possibilities.

We have plenty more stickers available too. From beautiful butterflies to scary clowns. There are stickers for revheads and stickers for the religious types. We’ve got them all. And if we don’t have it, ask us, and we’ll try and source what you need.