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A Guide to the Custom Letter Sticker Generator


1. Enter your Text
Simply enter the custom text that you’d like. Once you’ve entered the text, click anywhere else on the screen and the Preview window will update with your entered text.

2. Select Options:

  • Font: Clicking the arrow button will show the list of available fonts. Just select the one you like and the Preview window will update automatically. If you don’t a similar font to what you are after, send us a message and we’ll try to help.
  • Vinyl Type: There are 4 vinyl types that we offer:
    • Premium is the everyday quality Metamark vinyl that we use. It has a life of 8 years for Black and White and 7 years for colours
    • Marine vinyl is recommended if your stickers will be used on boats, jetskis, surfboards or anything else that will be exposed to marine conditions, though we can also recommend this vinyl for road vehicles, since the adhesive is superior to that of the Premium Vinyl. We use Cast Calon Vinyl which has a life expectancy of 10 years for Black and White and 8 years for colours
    • Interior Matte is recommended for indoor use. The adhesive is not as strong as other vinyl types, so you are more likely to be able to remove the sticker without damaging the wall
    • Chrome is a specialty vinyl and recommended if you are after a reflective, mirror-like effect for your sticker
  • Colour: Just choose your desired colour and the preview window will update automatically
  • Reversed/Mirrored: Select ‘Yes’ if you’d like your sticker to be reversed. Reversed stickers are for those who want to place their stickers on the inside of a window, so that the sticker can be viewed normally from the outside.

3. Choose Size

  • Font Size: Enter the desired height for your letters and the preview window will automatically update with the total height and width of your sticker. Note: Capital letters and hanging letters (eg. g, p, y etc.) are not included in this Font size
  • Custom Height: If you are needing a certain height for your sticker, enter the height (in mm’s) here. Note: Capital letters and hanging letters (eg. g, p, y etc.) are included in the total height
  • Custom Length: If you are needing a specific length, enter the length (in mm’s) here. The preview window will automatically update with the total length and height of your sticker
  • Background: Under the preview window there is a Background button which will change the background colour in the preview window. If you want to see how your white sticker will stand out on a black background, you can change the colour here. NOTE: The stickers you receive will NOT have a background. This option is for convenience only.

Your Vinyl Sticker Specifications & Quote
In this area, all the specifications of your desired sticker will be shown, including price and any discounts that apply to your order. You can also adjust the quantity here and quantity discounts (if applicable) will also be shown.

4. Order this Sticker
When you are ready to order your sticker, simply enter your Name, Email address and complete the Captcha field. Once you press the REQUEST THIS STICKER button, we will receive your request, take a look at your order to make sure everything is clear and then list your sticker as a Custom Sticker on the site. We will then send you the link to your sticker via the email you’ve left us which you can purchase from.
NOTE: If your sticker is not purchased within 48 hours of us sending the email to you, it will be deleted.

If you have any queries or issues with the sticker generator, please send us a message at sales@stickerstop.com.au and we’ll try and help.