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About Us

Welcome to Sticker Stop!

We’ve been selling vinyl decals for a couple of years, primarily on eBay, and this year (2014) decided to go out on our own. We are a small family business located in Melbourne, Australia but send our items all around the world.

We originally used decals to spruce up old tin cans, filled them with succulents and sold them at markets. While they were very popular, there was a lot of work involved and sitting out in the unforgiving sun trying to sell your wilting plants became more trouble than it was worth. I then turned to making decals for people who wanted to individualise their cars, laptops or the numerous other things that vinyl decals can be applied onto.

Being a small business, we value our customers and will go out of our way to provide you what you are after with a minimum of fuss. After all, we do want you to recommend our service to whoever notices and comments on your new decals!

In time, we will organise virtual coupons to pass onto friends, a Facebook page to make it easy to check up on new products and have sales at various times of the year.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking an interest. We hope to be able to help you soon.