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Returns & Exchanges / Terms & Conditions

Take note of the size and colour in the drop-down menus of the item you are purchasing, as no returns or exchanges will be accepted if you buy the wrong item, colour or size. We have made the details of each item as clear and accurate as possible, so the onus is on you to purchase the product that will best suit your requirements. If you have any queries or concerns, please send us a message prior to purchase.

If we do happen to send you the wrong colour, size or item, then please let us know and we will happily send you the correct one.

Sticker Stop is not liable for any damages whilst being applied. Easy to understand application instructions are included with each order, however we strongly suggest going to your local sign writing business to get it applied professionally if you are not confident in the application process.

Sticker Stop cannot be responsible for damage of the item/s or loss of the item/s within the postal system. If you want to ensure that your product arrives, please consider insuring your order. Using Registered Post will also insure your item up to a value of $100.

We trust you will have a care-free buying experience with us. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are most happy to help.

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