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Vinyl Colours

All stickers are available in any of the colours listed below. These colours are in stock and are ready to be used for your order – this means no waiting for you!

If you were after a particular colour, please send us a message. We may need to order this in specifically which could add a couple of days to the delivery, however we will try to help if possible.

We use quality Metamark vinyl which last up to 8 years for Black and White and 7 years for all other colours, making them a better option than a sticker (as opposed to a decal) of the same colour. Check out this link if you were interested in getting more information about Metamark vinyl.

All vinyl’s are Gloss. Also note that Silver is not Chrome – Silver is Gloss but not reflective like a Chrome vinyl would be.

TIP: Light colours (white, yellow etc) will show up better on darker surfaces, while Darker colours (black, blue, green) will be more visible on lighter surfaces.